konyhabutor sopron

Corian acrylic surfaces

 Morning begins with a cup of aromatic coffee and a look at wonderful colours and forms, selected from the rich offer of products made of Corian material, which understand our wishes and conjure up the taste of home. Succulent colours for a sunny day.

konyhabútoror sopron

Rest with style – Public places

Hotels, wellnes centres, restaurants… Beneficent influence of relaxed free-time activities is an important element of our lives, whereas wonderful elements made of Corian contribute to ultimate pleasure.



The material is smooth, opaque and homogenous, in the unicolored as well as in the granite and terrazzo effect. We glue the material with glues in the colour of Corian, which enables invisible junctions.

corian sopron    konyhabútor sopron    konyhabútoror sopron


Because of its exceptional features Corian has a very wide udeful value, it is used for decorating airports, hotels, restaurants, bars, spas, toilets, hospitals, laboratories, consulting rooms, post offices and banks, offices, old people’s homes, shops, reception rooms, stores, gas stations, kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms, for facades, and for commerical products and fancy goods. In using Corian the only limit is imagination.

Bathrooms – Softness of form

Water gains additional mildness, when it pours over nicely formed elements made of Corian, droplets tenderly slide over the material, water purifies the body and the spirit, softness touches us…

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Pleasant business – Purity of form

Professional, business, and organized appearance of the room inspired by the desire of making you feel good. Work is pleasant in a nice and harmoniously decorated environment, and users are satisfied. Purity of lines and firmness of the material calm us and stimulate trust when we need it the most.


External use – Beauty in permanence

Durability and quality are features which are offered and combined by Corian material, and are very important in case of external surfaces. A warm embrace of the sense of safety.


Design – Creativity of form

An infinite string of forms created by thinking of the user, his wishes and needs. Form created for satisfaction and pleasure.


Cleaning and maintenance

Corian is popular because of simple cleaning and maintenance, as stains are easily removed with water and ragular cleaning agents.