Our Mission

A1 Design able to fulfil the Highest customer Requirements in high Quality. In homes and workplaces full, professional and modern furniture manufacture and supply is carried out every day in Hungary and abroad. To make a success of our Business, we invest a lot of Time, Energy and Creativity in our Work and Developments. Only in Hungary we have more than 300 tree species and more than 9,000 color tone all the furniture. Hungary’s largest and rarest first class and also exclusive types of wood are used. Satisfied and returning customer base is continually reflecting the prospective customers with the highest quality and reliability. Our colleagues in Western Europe, providing high-quality service for you and your family, from design to construction.

“Quality & Reliability”










Why choose A1 Design manufacturer?

All in 1 place and the best place

From interior design to mounting we provide exceptional service.

Premium quality

Our premium quality kitchen furniture of the highest quality are present in Europe.


Our furniture represent the owner’s taste, personality and sophistication.